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How would you react if someone suggests you: “Dress up your computer”. Or if he goes even further: “Wash your computer”? Today we are witnesses of the strong development of the electronics. The children of the post-PC-era could hardly imagine the world without a TV remote, cell phone, mp3-player, and online connection… Smart clothing are just a version of all electronic gadgets we have around us. However, they are not finding of the new century. Even in the 1970s a group of physicists designed and created several small computer systems to assist them in games of roulette. Gradually, the idea is gaining momentum to reach the inclusion of giant companies such as IBM, Nokia, Philips and others in similar projects.

The smart filaments

When it comes to “smart clothes”, you should first think about “smart fabrics” or even “smart fibers”. Traditional materials do not possess the necessary properties to conduct electrical current, which is necessary for the operation of the smart clothing. A research laboratory started to produce silk organza, which is a unique material known in India for centuries. It is ideal for creating smart clothing because it is composed of two threads: a simple silk fiber and silk fiber with a thin copper coating. The result is the creation of a conductor of electricity. Once the silk organza is cut into desired shape, different components like resistors, coils, etc. are sewn directly to it.

The most interesting smart clothes

  • The musical instrument of Levi’s. It looks like any other denim jacket, but what makes it unique is the added decorative element –a keyboard on the left pocket. The used threads are moderate conductors of electricity. When you touch a button, it sends a signal to another processor, which drives the MIDI synthesizer. The sound is heard through the mini-speakers placed in the pocket of the jacket. The entire device weighs 453 grams due to batteries.
  • Suit for winter activities. The main goal is the suit to prevent you from incidents and help in case of danger. Integrated sensors provide a health information, location and direction of movement. In case of problems the suit sends an emergency message via GPS. It contains information about the technical problem, the exact coordinates, and data from physical measurements of the human body.
  • The warming coat. It contains digital sensors for measuring the temperature and to control incorporated in the jacket heating panels. The user can set limits on the warming process. The system includes nickel batteries that provide power. The coat can be washed, as this does not damage the sensors.
  • Shoes to enter the Internet. Entry into the global network can now be done via Internet connected shoes. They allow for example, two partners to practice jogging together, although during the training they are located in different places.

Smart dress. Smart clothes are already an integral part of the fashion industry. Hussein Chalayan created a dress that changes its shape by remote control. The dress is made of glass fiber – a material used primarily in the aerospace industry.


An umbrella might not look like an important accessory to many but it really should be as it makes things a lot easier when choosing your outfits, if it’s the right color and style. Before choosing an umbrella you need to know what type of clothing you wear more and also consider those seasons when it rains more.

The color of your umbrella is quite significant. If you are a guy, you wouldn’t want to be seen carrying around a pink umbrella or something similar, unless you really like that color. Also, you will need to make sure that the umbrella matches what you wear so it’s important to choose a neutral color. However, if you wear only black or only blue, try to choose something that goes well with the colors but not necessarily those colors because it might look a bit too much. People who only wear black might look a bit too gloomy if they also choose a black umbrella, but if that’s what you are going for in terms of look there’s nothing that should stop you in choosing it.

A lovely umbrella style for both sexes would be something with a really cool rectangular pattern, it looks great and it also has a hip feeling to it. Also, you can choose something with a funny message. There are many places where you can create your own custom made umbrella so don’t hesitate to go for that if there is something that you need to express on it.

The size and weight of your umbrella are also important, especially if you spend a lot of time walking. It might be tiring to carry around a really big umbrella but it’s also a bit weird to carry a small umbrella when your frame is not that small. So make sure that you choose the umbrella considering your height and also how difficult it is to carry it around because after a long walk in the rain your hand might hurt a little bit and that’s not a comfortable feeling you want to get, especially when you are constrained by the weather to constantly use an umbrella.


Are you looking for an outfit that would highlight your silhouette, sophistication and femininity? Do you think that the classic black and white combination is out of fashion? You couldn’t be more wrong. If you take a look at the runways, you will realize that black and white is one of this year’s hottest fashion trends. Moreover, there are several combinations you can make so that your carefully chosen outfit perfectly suits your body shape and your personal style, emphasizing your strong points and hiding your weak ones.

Black and white dresses, for instance, are favorable to women whose waistline is not well defined. You can wear them with oversized necklaces or with a wide-brimmed hat. If you want to bring a colorful touch to your outfit, you can replace your black high heeled elegant shoes with red or blue ones.

The black and white coat is recommended for women with small breasts. The color pattern draws attention from upper part of the body towards the neck. You can wear the coat with striped trousers but you can also create an original look by wearing a veil mini skirt. It is recommended to avoid wearing the black and white coat with ruffled shirts, or with simple traditional blouses. Moreover, it is preferable to choose a shoulder strap bag rather than a backpack.

If you have big arms and you want to hide this detail, it is recommended to wear a sleeveless dress with a white cardigan with black sleeves that recalls the classic Chanel style. In order to highlight your elegance, it is better to combine this cardigan with a pearl necklace and high heels. Similarly, if you want to match a black and white pencil skirt with other classic clothing items, a blouse whose shoulders are broad is the perfect choice. This type of skirt will look very elegant with heels and as accessory, you can go for differently colored or metal bracelets.


Looking good at work is not as difficult as some people may think and for this season, things just got a bit more interesting due to colorful office outfits that will guarantee a trendy look without being too much. One of the main things that a work outfit has to do is show some professionalism and this usually means neutral colors and boxed designs. To avoid this scenario and to feel sexy at work, all you have to do is choose the right fashion items

A jacket is the perfect choice and while black is not really trendy right now, dark blue will do the work just right. It’s ok if it is tight around the waist or if it is a bit more colorful. A dark colored jacket means that you can wear a colorful shit under it which will make you look stylish but also serious for the work place. A big cleavage is not really a good choice for the office so try to show some less skin and focus more on the subtle fashionable details. Things such as make-up and accessories can really complete and outfit but again, be sure not to go overboard with the idea. The make-up should be nice and subtle with no bright colors and heavy eyeliner. Classic accessories are the best, golden earrings and maybe some colorful bracelets would be enough; also big and brightly colored rings are in fashion so if you consider that they go with your office outfit, go for it.

The skirt should not be very short, just above the knee is ok but nothing more. A colorful dress can also work but it depends a lot on the style of the person wearing it. The shoes are a very important thing because they should be comfortable so that you don’t want to cut off your feet when the day is over but they also have to be fashionable so that the outfit is complete. Really high heels are not recommended and neither are flats, something in between in which you feel comfortable and which allow you do to your job.


A wrist watch is a very important piece of accessory, especially for men. If you want to choose a wrist watch, there are some tips you should follow because it’s really important to keep some aspects in mind, especially if you want to wear it for a long time.

Choosing a color – If you are not the type of guy who likes dressing the same, perhaps a watch with a neutral color is the perfect decision. This is great because it can be combined with all your outfits. Also, if you are a sporty person, just buy a sports watch and don’t go for the classic styles because you will barely wear them.

Bracelet or leather – it’s good to get both and if the store can offer a deal on them it’s recommended to get something you can change according to different circumstances. For example, wearing a bracelet on rainy weather can ruin it but you can change your bracelet with your leather trip under these circumstances. Also, if you want your watch to look more casual you can choose the bracelet or the leather band if you wish for a more classic look.

Go for automatic mechanism – even if the watch is extremely beautiful, it might not be convenient if it doesn’t have an automatic mechanism. An automatic mechanism makes your watch much more reliable and also more durable.  Also, if it’s a really expensive watch and you get bored with it, you can resale it at a much better price because most people prefer an automatic mechanism.

Practicability and functions – if you find yourself in the position to choose between a nice looking watch and one that has a lot of functions, it is recommended to choose the latter. You will benefit from a lot of functions such as calendar, temperature, or even altitude and that’s what a good watch is supposed to do, make your life easier. Usually, the watches with a lot of functions also look amazing so there’s not much to decide about when it comes to choosing between something that looks really good and something very practical.


What is in a woman’s handbag remains a mystery but there are a few fashion items that are sure to be in there. These are essentials that every woman should have and they guarantee a fashionable look no matter the occasion. While they might be small, their importance can be huge and they always change a bit every season as far as style goes. For the spring of 2012, we have some amazing fashion items that will surely fit perfectly in a handbag; also, the handbag itself plays a huge role in a fashionable look so make sure you get the right kind.

The wallet is an essential accessory and it can be found in every handbag; it is practical and very convenient and finding it is usually the main problem. Despite the fact that the classic wallet has pretty much remained the same, there are new styles presented each season from the big fashion houses.

The cell phone is so important that most people can’t leave the house without it. Not only is it essential for our day-to-day lives but it has also become a must-have fashion item. Having a nice stylish phone can say a lot about someone and it is ranked pretty high on the list of fashion items that fit in a handbag.

Makeup is something that never misses from a handbag; it is great for doing some small touches. The style for makeup changes every season and for this spring, it is all about keeping it looking natural and fresh; this goes very well with bright colored outfits.

Situational fashion items such as sunglasses or gloves are also very popular depending on the season. Big sunglasses are a real trend in 2012 for both men and women so having a pair in your handbag for a sunny day is a great idea.

A good book is always welcomed and it can actually be used to complete a certain look. It is a great way to pass the time and a book belongs in every handbag.

These are the main fashion items that can be found in a handbag and they are all perfect in certain situations.


Being on the plus size might be a little uncomfortable when trying to choose the right clothes. There are a few things you should do if you are trying to look thin but the most important things are those that you should avoid.

If you want to wear pants you should always choose dark brown, black or dark blue colors, they tend to make your legs thinner and longer. Also, you can try wearing vertical stripe pants with thin lines or even patterns as long as they are small. If your stomach is a problematic area you can always opt for tops that are flare in that area like baby doll tops.

Another way to look thin and elongate your body is by wearing high heels or platforms. Also, covering yourself with clothes might seem a good idea but it’s not. Covering yourself will only attract attention to your body and will make you look even more plus size.

Other things that you should avoid are low rise pants or jeans, they will give you what the fashion police calls a “muffin top” where the fat on your hips is over the belt line of your pants. Skinny jeans are also unacceptable so don’t even try wearing them unless you have really thin legs. Another thing that needs to be avoided is mid-calf high UGG boots and also big patterns on your clothes.

Being on the plus size is not the end of the world, some women look better with curves so make sure that you enjoy yourself and you feel comfortable with what you are wearing.


If you want to make your outfit stand out more, all you need to do is accessorize it. And what better way to accessorize it than with a scarf? A scarf will always make your outfit fabulous and you can buy a lot of models. There are different types of scarves and choosing one depends solely on your taste.

The fabric of your scarf is very important. For cold seasons you can buy a scarf made of flannel, wool or fleece and during warm winter the best scarves are made of cotton or silk because these two natural materials will feel extremely good on your skin and absorb heat. Make sure that the material you choose doesn’t irritate your skin since the skin around your neck can be extremely sensitive. Wool scarves might not be perfect for everybody as they are known to cause rashes. To keep your body heat, choose a flannel scarf that will not only look good but it will feel good also.

The color of your scarf should be based on your personal wardrobe and your individual style. You can choose neutral colors if you want your scarf to go well with every one of your items. However, if you prefer certain colors, you can buy scarves in those colors too. The great thing about scarves is the fact that they are not expensive and you can buy as many as you want. The price range is between 10 dollars and 100 dollars, but they can get higher if the company is extremely popular.

There are some classic patterns for your scarf and you can go with floral or polka dots, both of them being extremely elegant. However, these are not mandatory and in the end you choose to wear whatever pattern you want as long as you make sure that it suits with your outfit.


Hair is one of the best assets a woman can get so it’s really important to take care of it and avoid any color accidents as much as you can. With the next hair tips for 2012, you will definitely stay beautiful and have a hair that would make everybody else envious.

The main trend in 2012 is messy hair, the type of hair that is not fully dry but it also doesn’t have a lot of styling product in it so it flows naturally. Make sure that you achieve that look by simply blow drying your hair and letting it fall naturally. Also, don’t work it too much, give it a break, with all the strict fashion trends lately your hair definitely needs a break.The ponytail will be a big hit the next year so if you keep it simple like that you will be extremely fashionable. You can create different crazy ponytails and tie your hair using the hair alone or using big sparkly accessories. You can also do a loose and low ponytail on one side of your head and let it fall naturally.

Another feminine and exquisite hair styling trend is what we call braids. Braids are awesome and they look good on anybody so you will definitely achieve a romantic girly look with braids. Think about the girl in the countryside with blonde hair, that’s the 2012 look. You can also do braids in a different style like over your head. You choose whatever looks best on you but make sure that you choose braids.

For the most serious of you a strict looking hair that looks extremely minimalist may be the answer. Forget about layers, make your hair only one length and definitely forget about hair extensions. Straight and sleek hair is definitely a must so if you like that go for it, it’s perfect for the office or school. If you like your hair up, you can go for a chignon by pinning your hair into a knot at the back of your head. It’s also a good look to wear with an elegant dress.

Don’t forget about natural hair, in all its shapes and sizes. Almost no product and hair looking like you just got out of bed. Short Twiggy style hair is definitely a great 60s look that will work well the next season. Don’t forget about crazy colors like red or orange, you can add a few highlights for a crazy look.


You might find it strange but leggings are some of those timeless fashion items. Of course, leggings are not glamorous, they are not like a little black dress or pearls. However, some people consider leggings to be life savers. Probably the best thing about them is the fact that they are extremely comfortable and they work well with any type of clothing. There are also leggings called jegging and they resemble jeans. They have become very popular among young women lately, so if you like the look of tight jeans, you will definitely love jeggings.

Leggings have been around for centuries and they were worn by both men and women, despite the fact that nowadays they are more popular among women. Today they are made of polyester, cotton, nylon-lycra or spandex. They come in all colors you can imagine; actually, some of them even have a great wet-appearance to them or a shiny metallic look. If that is your style, you will definitely find some leggings that will make you happy.

How can you wear leggings? Leggings can be paired with a skirt and boots, shoes, sandals and even sports wear. You can also pair them with dresses and you can even wear them alone with a longer top. What makes them so popular is the fact that they fit everyone, they come in various colors and they are able to transform an item of clothing into something really chic. If you are a guy, you should probably know that lately leggings are very much into style in men’s fashion. So you should find a pair you like and start wearing them if you want to be trendy. Also, a lot of men find them very comfortable, especially for outdoors activities. They are also great for sport activities like running, power walking or jogging. Dancers wear them a lot because they are great in cold weather and they also look extremely good on fit bodies.

Some popular items of clothing that go well with leggings are: denim skirt, converse footwear, ballet flats, long sweaters, etc.  Most of us have those items in our closet so it’s a great way to revive them and make them wearable again. If you are overweight you should avoid wearing leggings or at least get a darker color. You should pair them with higher boots and always wear high heels, otherwise your legs will look even bigger.

Overall, leggings are a great fashion item and even if you don’t like wearing them in public, you can also wear them under your clothes in cold weather.


Have you ever noticed that jeans are always in fashion? It’s true that every season there are different cuts and styles but at the end of the day, jeans are probably the most common fashion item; we all have at least one pair and it is not just sitting in the closet, we actually wear jeans, at least most of us do. So if we are going to talk about jeans and fashion we have to mention Levi Strauss & Co. or just Levi’s for short. This brand is a major player in the fashion industry and when it comes to jeans, they are the best and they have the best looking jeans.

Although the brand was founded in 1869 and until now they have changed to way we see jeans so many times that it would be easy to just talk about their success, it is better to see what they are coming up with right now. Fashion items and especially jeans are usually for one type of body with different sizes; most manufacturers don’t consider other alternatives and they take the basic body and offer their product with a variable of size and this is usually a problem when buying jeans.


What Levi’s decided to do is change the way we buy clothes and offer products not just depending on size but also on shape, a revolutionary thought. They call it Levi’s Curves ID and it allows women to find the exact pair of jeans to fit them depending on four different fits. This makes for a much wider and diverse offer and it really got a lot of positive feedback from clients. They have a way for you to find out what your shape is and not just buy according to your size because that usually doesn’t go as well as you may want it. You start from the waist move to the seat and your curve as well as take into consideration fit issues that you had with previous pairs of jeans.

Fashion items always include jeans and the way that Levi’s helps costumers find their perfect pair is great. It really goes with the trends this season and finding some comfortable and unique is very important, not to mention that once you get the hang of it, you will easily be able to order jeans online and you will no longer have to try on a lot of pairs before finding your size and shape.